Commit 00dbcd22 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont
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playlist: Proper locking when editing playlist variable in loadsave.c. Also...

playlist: Proper locking when editing playlist variable in loadsave.c. Also correctly release p_ml_onelevel->p_input and p_ml_category->p_input when changing them.

This fixes partly make check and input items leaks.
parent 6837b438
......@@ -148,19 +148,31 @@ int playlist_MLLoad( playlist_t *p_playlist )
if( p_input == NULL )
goto error;
if( p_playlist->p_ml_onelevel->p_input )
vlc_gc_decref( p_playlist->p_ml_onelevel->p_input );
if( p_playlist->p_ml_category->p_input )
vlc_gc_decref( p_playlist->p_ml_category->p_input );
p_playlist->p_ml_onelevel->p_input =
p_playlist->p_ml_category->p_input = p_input;
vlc_gc_incref( p_input );
vlc_event_attach( &p_input->event_manager, vlc_InputItemSubItemAdded,
input_item_subitem_added, p_playlist );
p_playlist->b_doing_ml = VLC_TRUE;
stats_TimerStart( p_playlist, "ML Load", STATS_TIMER_ML_LOAD );
input_Read( p_playlist, p_input, VLC_TRUE );
stats_TimerStop( p_playlist,STATS_TIMER_ML_LOAD );
p_playlist->b_doing_ml = VLC_FALSE;
vlc_event_detach( &p_input->event_manager, vlc_InputItemSubItemAdded,
input_item_subitem_added, p_playlist );
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