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    . all plugins now compile with -fPIC. · f8da8c95
    Sam Hocevar authored
     . made the audio_output API a bit simpler.
     . got rid of modules_config.h.
     . fixed `make install' rule.
     . fixed warnings in the MMX YUV compilation.
     . probably fixed a bug in the input : pp_foo structures were free()d at
       the end, but this was useless since the last call to realloc() is
       equivalent to free(), and two consecutive calls to free() aren't a
       goo idea.
     . we check that the version number match and that we don't already have
       a module by that name when loading a new module.
     . all public module_* functions now properly lock the module bank.
     . the audio_output now uses the new module API ; EsounD and DSP modules
       have been ported, which should be enough for Henri to port the ALSA one.
       The new plugin API is now much simpler ; it's now just a matter of
    calling module_Need( p_main->p_module_bank, MODULE_CAPABILITY_FOO, p_data );
    and if successful we get the best module. Capabilities can be ORed, so that
    one can ask for a plugin that does VOUT _and_ INTF actions for instance.
       It's not complete yet though -- by making it generic I had to do a few
    ugly casts here and there, which I am going to fix ASAP. Also, command line
    selection of a plugin does not work yet.
       The switch to the new plugin API has probably broken the BeOS audio
    output ; we can either wait until the whole vlc has switched to the new
    plugins, or create a separate beos_sound.so that conforms to the new API.
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