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    macosx: audio effects: Do not duplicate EQ settings when saving profile · d0fe23e6
    David Fuhrmann authored
    For now, disable the code which duplicated EQ settings. This code
    currently always duplicates settings if something was touched, as the
    comparison with index 0 (flat profile) will very likey fail.
    This needs more improvements beyond the current code, before we can
    activate auto-saving of EQ changes, mainly:
    - Figure out a way how to deal with (likely unchangable) default profiles
    - Correctly mark own created profiles
    - Correctly save own created profiles once overall preset is changed, but
      not override standard profiles
    - Save own EQ profiles at exit automatically if desired.
    - If above problems are solved, AND the user selected a default EQ profile
      and changed it inbetween, the commented code can be reconsidered.
    This commit basically changes behaviour back to vlc 2.2.x, where a new
    EQ Profile needs to be explicitly saved if desired (using the dropdown
    refs #19260
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