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    * mosaic_bridge.c: - Add "vfilters" option to apply video filters on the · ce0e4fb0
    Antoine Cellerier authored
                          image before sending it to the mosaic.
                        - Add option ("chroma") to force the image chroma
                        - Remove alpha mask code
     * mosaic.c: - Remove bluescreen code
                 - Misc cosmetics changes
     * bluescreen.c: New bluescreen filter (mostly cut & paste from mosaic.c)
     * alphamask.c: New alpha mask filter (mostly cut & paste from mosaic_bridge.c)
     * invert.c: don't invert the alpha plane for YUVA images (We also need to
                 prevent that for RGBA images ... but that's not really used
     * configure.ac, video_filter/Modules.am: add alphamask and bluescreen
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