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    Sam Hocevar authored
     . fixed the bug-that-made-the-vlc-segfault-on-exit, which means that
       more than ever, � le client ne segfaulte pas �.
     . there was still a problem upon quitting: sometimes the null packet
       wasn't big enough to reach a decoder breakpoint, so I now create 10
       of them (since I can't make it bigger) to be sure. Meuuh, what do
       you think ?
     . fixed the Makefile to spare a few variables here and there.
     . reduced module hide delay, removed loading of the audio output
       plugins since they are now modules.
     . changed a few intf_Msg to intf_DbgMsg, and added "vout:", "intf:",
       and so on in a few other messages.
     . removed unused includes in the idct modules.
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