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      - The VLCApplication is now launched at the vlc.c level instead of at the module level. Allows VLC to be a more valid Mac application, also removes the vout intf dependancy (use ncurses to disp. video :).
        This wasn't done at the libvlc level, because a mozilla plugin would no longer be able to function properly.
      - Some functionality of the macosx vout may not work without the OS X GUI, and not all of this is checked yet.
      - There is a symlink in VLC.app/Contents/Mac called clivlc that will force it back to a fullblown cli app when you want, so it can still be run by a user who isn't logged in via GUI.
      - there are some autorelease leaks which need to be tackled.
      - moved a lot of the VLCApplication func. to the VLCMain class.
      - VLCMain is a +sharedInstance now.
      - the complete OS X interface is still badly broken because of the many API changes lately. any volunteers?
    VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC [-I macosx]
    launches VLC as before (requires you to be logged in via GUI)
    VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC -I ncurses
    launch vlc with a ncurses intf and display video on your mac
    (requires you to be logged in via GUI)
    VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/clivlc -I telnet -d
    launch vlm remotely trough ssh in daemon mode, on a GUI'less server for instance, and stream your vids
    Now how is that for combining GUI and cli in one application on the mac?!!? :)
    jlj? I finally understand now how the OS X interface works !
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