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    *Much work on the gnome interface: added oct's playlist from gtk plugin, · bc118e19
    Stéphane Borel authored
    tuned appearence, added preferences window (with no features yet), jump
    window to go to specified time (not functionnal yet), and fixed some
    *moved b_fullscreen from p_vout->p_sys to p_vout and unified way of
    toggling fullscreen in sdl in x11/xvideo output (using p_vout->i_ch
    nges) so that an interface plugin can toogle fullscreen (implemented
    in gnome)
    *added p_input->stream.p_selected_area->i_tell in input TS so that the
    slider work with ts files ( however, the time counter doesn't since we
    have no mux_rate )
    *improved ac3 spdif output ( and made it work again :)). It uses a true
    blank frame now, and it allows to switch languages like a traditionnal
    output. It doesn't support multiplexing though, neither can we switch
    between spdif/analogical mode on-the-fly.
    *beginning of the back port of gnome to gtk for those who do not have