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    * modules/stream_out/switcher.c: New module allowing to replace an MPEG2 · acf4606c
    Christophe Massiot authored
      video by a fixed panel (format .uyvy). Specify panel files with
      --sout-switcher-files=toto.uyvy,tata.uyvy,titi.uyvy and the size of
      pictures with --sout-switcher-sizes=720x576,720x576,480x576.
      --sout-switcher-port=4242 opens up a UDP port. echo 1 | nc -u localhost 4242
      switches to panel #1 (0 is the live video, -1 disables all output).
      The audio is blanked out when a panel is active. --sout-switcher-command
      specifies the first command to run on start-up.
    * modules/access/fake.c: Fake video input simulating a video at x fps.
      Use it to switch between fixed panels with the switcher when you have
      no video.