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    Henri Fallon authored
    - Fixed TS input ( a nasty dead lock had appeared 4 days ago )
    - Added base of network support
    Things to be done :
    - Meuuh : fix the PCR synchronisation so that we can set b_pace_cntrol to 0
    - Sam : find a way of specifing the type of media (file, net). For the
    moment, the "--input ts" always call input_NetworkOpen
    - Maybe sam : for the moment the working syntax is vlc --input ts
    servername, it should nbe turned into "vlc --server servername".
    Things that don't work (i'll work on this this week end) :
    - stopping and retaking a stream
    - a nice 'waiting for stream'
    - we select all incoming streams. we should be able to select.
    Things that haven't been tested :
    - broadcast
    - only tested with one stream.
    Kick me if something is broken by my fault.
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