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    * ALL: basic skeleton for a streaming-wizard (refs #13) · 94d20dd3
    Felix Paul Kühne authored
        - all items are included with complete l10n support
        - checkboxes and select-file-buttons behave as they are supposed to
        - implementation of the logic, i.e. handling of the collected values, respective manipulation of the GUI, start of the stream
        - move some arrays to an external header file
        - some GUI things (e.g. radio buttons on page 2, etc. - see FIXMEs)
        - implementation of some help-dialogues (it might be necessary to create a re-usable window in the nib for that, since NSAlert is Panther and Tiger only)
        - l10n string fixes (both in OSX and WX)
        => most of the work still needs to be done
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