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    * v4l: updated, now it should grab (and compress if you want) the video. · 8c1b6050
    Laurent Aimar authored
    Audio grabbing part is commented out and untested.
     The syntax is like that:
     options: channel,norm (pal, ntsc,secam), frequency (not really there is
              a factor), audio, size (WxH or subqcif,qsif,qcif,sif,cif,vga),
              codec (optional, mpeg1 or mpeg4 and need to have compiled the
              encoders modules)
     ex: v4l:/dev/video:channel=0:frequency=8052:norm=secam:size=vga
     Please test.
     * rawvideo.c: a pseudo decoder for raw video (I420).
     * packetizer/*, mux/*, stream_output.c: fixed (I hope) audio/video
    synchro problems.
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