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    *first version of plugin for libdvdplay. To test it, you need to have · 8a430a88
    Stéphane Borel authored
     libdvdplay installed (available from videolan CVS), and request plugins
    compilation in the usual way:
    Note that libdvdplay needs libdvdread and libdvdcss.
    Currently it has only been tested under linux, with gnome interface (optional)
    and xvideo output.
    What works (more or less):
     -DVD reading in some rare cases :) (title and menus),
     -Menu pause,
     -Selecting directly a specific title/chapter/angle,
     -Changing audio, sub-picture, angle during playback,
     -Interactive menus with mouse only.
    What is missing:
     -Menu buttons highlighting (needs spudec patch),
     -Keyboard interaction (needs a specific part in port specific plugins),
     -A specific interface to navigate through menus (needs that I move my ass),
     -Interactive menus won't work with other output plugins so long as they
      have not been patched to send mouse/keyboard events to vlc interface,
     -Whatever you need.
    Known bugs (bugs in libdvdplay mostly):
     -Seeking in some menus or intro titles (bad vobu map),
     -Read/seek error with some DVDs,
     -the configure needs tweaking,
     -numerous segfaults,
     -decoder/output modules locking error,
     -fuzzy colors in menus when spudec is active (default in menus).
    The plugin is not guaranteed to work anywhere outside my computer. If it break your, don't come and complain to me :).
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