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    * Implements selection of a playlist item in the wizard · 87c97ae1
    bigben authored
    * The playlist in the wizard had to be displayed as a outlineview if we want to reuse existing code
    * cosmetics could still be improved regarding this outline view
    * I get this error
    2005-07-24 00:08:55.940 VLC[6908] Could not connect the action t3_addressEntered: to target of class VLCWizard
    When opening the wizard. I don't know if I messed up something or if it was already here before
    * I needed to make some changes to the interface structure regarding the playlist for this : We know have a VLCPlaylist and a VLCPlaylistWizard class. Both are derivated from a VLCPlaylistCommon class that contains methods required by both classes (mostly the datasource, in fact).