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       * SDL fixes and enhancements by Shane Harper <shanegh@optusnet.com.au>
       Shane, I removed the static variables from your code because static
       is not thread-safe, and one can imagine having several video output
       windows launched at the same time. Also, I made your feature work
       in windowed mode as well, because people kept asking how to hide the
       mouse pointer.
       Also, if you want to work on the XVideo extension, you are welcome ;
       most of us are quite busy at the moment. Damien Lucas <nitrox@via.ecp.fr>
       had offered to work on it, but he seems to be a bit lost, so you may
       want to take over his job.
       As for the "zoom" feature, I suggest you wait until version 4 of the
       video output is done, it'll be easier to do then.