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    * Makefile.am: · 655212dd
    Sam Hocevar authored
        + Call $(srcdir)/toolbox from $(builddir) instead of $(srcdir).
        + Call $(builddir)/vlc-config instead of $(srcdir)/vlc-config, because
          generated files end in $(builddir).
        + Added -Imozilla to the mozilla plugin link flags.
        + Look for mozilla/vlcintf.idl in $(srcdir).
      * configure.ac:
        + Set VLC_CONFIG to $(builddir)/vlc-config instead of $(srcdir)/vlc-config.
      * toolbox:
        + Look for Makefile.am in ${srcdir}, and Makefile in ${builddir}.
        + Prepend ${srcdir} to header files we handle.
      * m4/vlc.m4:
        + Look for vlc-config.in.in in ${srcdir} but generate vlc-config.in in
      * modules/gui/skins/src/dialogs.cpp, modules/gui/wxwindows/interface.cpp:
        + Include the pixmap with a path relative to the current directory.
       This commit should fix builds that use --srcdir (Closes: #319).
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