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        The motion compensation routines are now modules as well ; choose your
      implementation with `--motion motion', `--motion motionmmx' or
      `--motion motionmmxext'. Of course, the best implementation is chosen
      if you don't ask for any. There doesn't seem to be any performance hit
      due to the move to shared libs, which is a good thing. Please test
      actively if you have time, though.
        Updated --help result, manpage, INSTALL document, and a few files.
        I moved vdec_motion.h and vpar_blocks.h back to /include because they
      will be needed to build motion compensation modules, but perhaps we don't
      need to export everything which is in these files.
        /src/video_decoder/ now has only one .c file, perhaps it could now be
      merged with video_parser ?