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    Updated & cleaned up intf_macosx.c and vout_macosx.c - added Open menu · 4ebec617
    Eugenio Jarosiewicz authored
    function support and a no-frills About box
    Created macosx_common.h in plugins/macosx/ to hold , well, common stuff
    (the way I see it, there is inherently a difficult separation of intf and
    vout on Mac OS, if anyone has suggestions I'm open)
    Cleaned up debug spew I left in modules.c and video_text.c
    Hacked main.c to disregard argv[1] when compiled for OSX & run as a full
    app (ie., double clicked and not launched from command line)... read the
    file for more details.  UGLY.
    Updated Makefile.in to make vlc.app by default on Mac OS X & Darwin, added
    clean code for it as well