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    Sam Hocevar authored
      * ALL: got rid of *_Probe functions because most of them were duplicates
        of the real _Init or _Create functions. That's 1000 lines of code gained.
      * ./src/misc/modules.c: we try not to keep the global lock in module_Need,
        which should speed up output spawning.
      * ./plugins/dummy/input_dummy.c: fixed vlc:quit command.
      * ./plugins/gtk/gtk_playlist.c: compilation fix.
      * ./plugins/macosx/*: preliminary fixes for the vout4 port.
       Notes on the *_Probe eradication:
      o I probably broke the DirectX video output, because of the "must init and
        run in the same thread" issue. I'll fix this ASAP.
      o Subtitles are broken (or at least, pretty ugly) in RGB mode.
      o The input plugins still have *_Probe functions. This will disappear when
        meuuh is finished with the access plugins.
      o The decoder plugins still have *_Probe functions. This is probably not
        going to change, it looks OK to me.