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    Sam Hocevar authored
      * Initialize SDL before opening the SDL audio output.
      * Prevent two SDL video outputs or audio outputs to be spawned at the
        same time to avoid ugly crashes.
      * The SDL plugin now says whether we are using software or hardware YUV
        in its window title.
      * We now stop at the first ':' when looking for a module name, to easily
        pass information to the modules. Possible example: --vout sdl:software,
        implementation of such an option is left as an exercise.
      * Merged filter_bob and filter_bob422 into filter_bob. Use --filter bob
        to deinterlace 422 into 420 as well.
      * Factorized code common to most filters and the video output, optimized
        a few filters by aligning data and reading 64 bits at a time.
      * Two new absolutely useless, CPU-eating, resource-wasting, but fun
        filters: enjoy `transform', which performs flips and 90� rotations, and
        `distort', which performs animated image effects (currently only a naive
        sine wave is implemented). Usage examples:
           --filter transform:hflip
           --filter transform:vflip
           --filter transform:90
           --filter transform:180
           --filter transform:270
           --filter distort:wave