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      * Put most builtins in plugins again due to performances issues (more
        about this in a forthcoming post here).
      * Fixed the painfully slow build process (at last!).
      * Moved the null plugin together with the dummy one.
      * Added new dummy input plugin.
       More on the dummy input plugin: we'll use it to insert commands in
      the playlist. Currently implemented are the "quit" and "pause" functions,
      here are examples on how they are used:
        vlc file.mpeg vlc:quit                # exit after file.mpeg has been read.
        vlc file1.mpeg vlc:pause:3 file2.mpeg # pause 3 seconds before playing
                                              # the next file.
       From now we can more efficiently benchmark vlc. For instance, to test
      the video output changes I am doing, I use such a command:
        time vlc -I dummy --noaudio file.mpeg vlc:quit
       Future extentions might include more interesting stuff like "switch
      to full screen", "repeat next file 3 times", "switch to SDL video
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