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    * Makefile.am : Added src/playlist/item-ext.c and src/playlist/info.c · 17557ea6
    zorglub authored
    * src/playlist/item.c
          - New playlist_info structures and accessors
            It works pretty like the old input_info (with categories)
            It provides modularity to the playlist
          - Removed ppsz_options and i_options from playlist_item
            (we use the special category Options)
          - Added a unique id to each playlist_item to be able to track the
            items accross playlist reorders
          - Simplified adding of items.
               - playlist_AddExt is removed
               - playlist_AddItem is still here and exported but should not be used
               - use playlist_Add( p_playlist, uri, name, duration, mode, pos )
                 and use the accessors for all other things
          - Added setters for fields of the playlist_item structure
          - Introduced "item-change" and "playlist-current" playlist variables
            to give more flexibility than only intf-change
          At the moment, duration is still in the structure (easier to use, IMHO)
    * src/input/input.c
      src/libvlc.c :
            playlist item options parsing changed
    * include/vlc_common.h : added playlist_info structures