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    * all: beginning of bitmap font support. At the moment only the digits · 00aa16f1
    Cyril Deguet authored
      font for xmms/winamp2 skins is supported (the bitmap must have the
      following layout: [0123456789 -] with letters of size 9x13).
      Non-digit characters are just skipped, with a hardcoded advance of 6
      (it allows correct display of time in xmms skins; the ':' are skipped)
      Small example at http://people.via.ecp.fr/~asmax/chaos.vlt (uncomplete skin)
      * vars/time.cpp: notify the observers also when the input is stopped
      * controls/ctrl_text.cpp: do not reset the FSM state and timer when the
      text is displayed (was causing bugs in time display)
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