Commit 3634ef1f authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

meson: Don't hardcode the version multiple times

parent 0b9808c5
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ endforeach
libdav1d = library('dav1d',
libdav1d_sources, nasm_objs,
version: '0.0.1',
version: meson.project_version(),
objects: [bitdepth_objs, entrypoints_objs],
include_directories: dav1d_inc_dirs,
c_args: [stackalign_flag],
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ dav1d = executable('dav1d',
pkg_mod = import('pkgconfig')
pkg_mod.generate(libraries: libdav1d,
version: '0.0.1',
version: meson.project_version(),
name: 'libdav1d',
filebase: 'dav1d',
description: 'AV1 decoding library'
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