Commit 4fd2b3ea authored by Sergio Ammirata's avatar Sergio Ammirata

Add peer type to advanced stats

parent 75e7ef3d
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......@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ void rist_sender_peer_statistics(struct rist_peer *peer)
cJSON_AddNumberToObject(peer_obj, "flow_id", peer->adv_flow_id);
cJSON_AddNumberToObject(peer_obj, "id", peer->adv_peer_id);
cJSON_AddStringToObject(peer_obj, "cname", peer->receiver_name);
cJSON_AddStringToObject(peer_obj, "type", peer->is_data ? "data" : "rtcp");
cJSON *json_stats = cJSON_AddObjectToObject(peer_obj, "stats");
cJSON_AddNumberToObject(json_stats, "quality", Q);
cJSON_AddNumberToObject(json_stats, "sent", (double)peer->stats_sender_instant.sent);
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