Commit 7b59b883 authored by Luc Trudeau's avatar Luc Trudeau
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Remove unused parameters in get_tx_ctx

parent 5f122cd5
......@@ -1066,8 +1066,7 @@ static void decode_b(Dav1dTileContext *const t,
b->uvtx = av1_max_txfm_size_for_bs[bs][f->cur.p.p.layout];
t_dim = &av1_txfm_dimensions[b->tx];
if (f->frame_hdr.txfm_mode == TX_SWITCHABLE && t_dim->max > TX_4X4) {
const int tctx = get_tx_ctx(t->a, &t->l, t_dim, by4, bx4,
have_top, have_left);
const int tctx = get_tx_ctx(t->a, &t->l, t_dim, by4, bx4);
uint16_t *const tx_cdf = ts->cdf.m.txsz[t_dim->max - 1][tctx];
int depth = msac_decode_symbol_adapt(&ts->msac, tx_cdf,
imin(t_dim->max + 1, 3));
......@@ -76,8 +76,7 @@ static inline int get_intra_ctx(const BlockContext *const a,
static inline int get_tx_ctx(const BlockContext *const a,
const BlockContext *const l,
const TxfmInfo *const max_tx,
const int yb4, const int xb4,
const int have_top, const int have_left)
const int yb4, const int xb4)
return (l->tx_intra[yb4] >= max_tx->lh) + (a->tx_intra[xb4] >= max_tx->lw);
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