Commit 0f1f4754 authored by Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen

You know you wanted it !

parent bef93568
16:19 < chouquette> hey boubak ? /quit et /quat sont dans un bateau. /quat
tombe a l'eau. Qui reste-t-il ?
16:19 < chouquette> boubak: pour vendredi je sais pas faudra quej e confirme
16:20 -!- boubak [] has quit ["leaving"]
16:20 < chouquette> putain il a marche la dedans ?!
16:20 < etix> j'y crois pas...
09:37 < JakeSays> i believe python was designed by someone missing his right
little finger.
09:38 < chouquette> JakeSays: I've a screwed up right little finger and I
wouldn't dare come up with something like python
09:38 < chouquette> I still have some kind of self esteem
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