Commit a3e19780 authored by Paweł Wegner's avatar Paweł Wegner
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CloudProvider: use getItemData as getItemUrl by default.

parent a59ee45a
......@@ -531,9 +531,9 @@ IHttpRequest::Pointer CloudProvider::getItemDataRequest(const std::string&,
return nullptr;
IHttpRequest::Pointer CloudProvider::getItemUrlRequest(const IItem&,
std::ostream&) const {
return nullptr;
IHttpRequest::Pointer CloudProvider::getItemUrlRequest(
const IItem& item, std::ostream& stream) const {
return getItemDataRequest(, stream);
IHttpRequest::Pointer CloudProvider::listDirectoryRequest(const IItem&,
......@@ -613,8 +613,9 @@ GeneralData CloudProvider::getGeneralDataResponse(std::istream&) const {
std::string CloudProvider::getItemUrlResponse(
const IItem&, const IHttpRequest::HeaderParameters&, std::istream&) const {
return "";
const IItem&, const IHttpRequest::HeaderParameters&,
std::istream& stream) const {
return std::static_pointer_cast<Item>(getItemDataResponse(stream))->url();
std::vector<IItem::Pointer> CloudProvider::listDirectoryResponse(
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