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This is a minor bugfix release, containing some crucial follow-up for
v4.192.0, most notably a fix for a regression in the YCbCr decoding
logic that resulted in slightly green-shifted output on 10/12-bit files.

Fixes and performance enhancements:
- fix a regression causing incorrect YCbCr decoding for 10-bit content
- fix overzealous error detection on OpenGL initialization
- fix build issue caused by the use of 64-bit atomics on some platforms
- fix a regression in renderer functionality caused by an unintended
  restriction of FBO requirements on certain platforms (older d3d11)
- fix an issue where certain d3d11 texture formats were not blittable
- fix debug layer checks on d3d 11.0
- fix context creation on older d3d11 runtimes
- fix an issue where PL_TONE_MAP_HYBRID unintentionally oversaturated
  low brightness scenes
- fix a build issue on certain BSD platforms
- update nuklear to 4.9.5, fixing some build-time warnings
- fix an issue where a change to the d3d11 swapchain code resulted in
  lots of unnecessary log spam
- fix an issue where some d3d11 formats were detected as gatherable, but
  not sampleable