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This is a feature release, introducing frame mixing, DRM format
modifiers, and support for custom LUTs -, while also greatly expanding
the available demo programs, in particular the `plplay` video player.

The main highlight is the new `pl_queue` abstraction living in
<libplacebo/utils/frame_queue.h>. This greatly simplifies the core of a
libplacebo-based video renderer by translating a stream of input frames
into an array of GPU-mapped textures suitable for frame mixing, given a
corresponding vsync timestamp. New frames can be delivered to this API
using a push or pull model, and they are lazily uploaded on an as-needed
basis as well as internally garbage collected when no longer needed.
This abstraction also contains all needed machinery for estimating
source/display framerates by comparing and averaging timestamps, freeing
users from the burden of having to accurately determine this information
a priori.

Also worth mentioning is the addition of support for custom LUTs,
currently only in Adobe's .cube format. They can be applied flexibly at
a number of locations in the video processing pipeline, including as a
replacement for YUV<->RGB conversion or tone/gamut mapping, and fed with
either normalized linear light or native-gamma values.

Among the included demo programs, the `plplay` example video player has
been greatly expanded - adding support for a settings GUI (based on
nuklear), frame timing and mixing, custom shaders, and more. This
example video player now serves as a convenient platform to demonstrate
all of libplacebo's advanced rendering features.

Finally, all of libplacebo now contains only code written entirely from
scratch (rather than deriving from mpv), opening up the possibility to
explore different licenses besides the current LGPLv2.1+. In particular,
permissive (MIT/BSD-style) licenses are being considered.

- add asynchronous GPU callbacks, specifically to `pl_tex_transfer`,
  allowing for non-blocking host memory transfer operations
- add `pl_shared_mem.stride_w/h` to control dmabuf pitch
- add `pl_render_image_mix` to blend multiple frames into a single
  output image, given relative timestamp information
- add the `pl_filter_mitchell_clamp` filter preset
- add `pl_render_params.preserve_mixing_cache` to speed up redraws after
  renderer size changes when frame mixing is active
- add <libplacebo/utils/dav1d.h> to help with Dav1dPicture mapping
- implement `PL_HANDLE_HOST_PTR` for the OpenGL backend
- implement drm format modifiers for vulkan
- add a new field `pl_fmt.modifiers` for DRM format modifier negotiation
- add new header <libplacebo/shaders/lut.h> to load custom LUTs
  (currently only supporting the .cube format)
- add `index_data/buf` to `pl_pass_run_params`, adding support for
  indexed vertex data when dispatching shader passes
- add `pl_dispatch_vertex` to allow dispatching fragment shaders using
  a list of custom vertices with custom vertex attributes
- add `pl_frame_recreate_from_avframe` and `pl_download_avframe` to help
  downloading GPU textures back into AVFrame form
- add a new header <libplacebo/utils/frame_queue.h> to assist in taking
  a stream of (Frame, PTS) pairs as well as a list of VSync times and
  turning them into a stream of `pl_frame_mix` structs
- add `pl_white_from_temp` and `pl_color_adjustment.temperature` to
  apply white point adjustments between correlated color temperatures (K)
- add `pl_filter_preset.description` containing a longer, human-readable
  name for a given filter preset

- `pl_3dlut_params` has been renamed `pl_icc_params`
- `pl_render_params.force_3dlut` has been renamed `force_icc_lut`
- `pl_3dlut_update/apply` have been renamed to `pl_icc_update/apply` and
  moved to a (conditionally installed) new header <libplacebo/shaders/icc.h>
- `pl_upload_plane` no longer initializes `out_plane->shift_x/y` to 0,
  instead leaving them unmodified (to avoid clobbering existing shift data)
- `pl_filter_box` has been renamed to `pl_filter_nearest`
- `pl_filter_triangle` has been renamed to `pl_filter_bilinear`
- `pl_render_params.frame_mixer = NULL` now disables frame mixing - to
  get back the old behaviour, set this to `&pl_oversample_frame_mixer`.
- `pl_color_map_params.gamut_warning` now highlights out-of-gamut colors
  in bright pink, rather than the old (ill-defined) inversion behaviour
- `pl_named_filter_config` has been renamed to `pl_filter_preset`
- `pl_find_named_filter` has been renamed to `pl_find_filter_preset`
- ditto for `pl_named_filter_function` and `pl_filter_function_preset`

Fixes and performance improvements:
- fix buffer overflow in custom shader STORAGE blocks
- fix include path for glslang >= 11.0.0
- actually enable shader subgroup operations for HDR peak detection
- fix locale dependence of shader parsing primitives
- fix AVCOL_SPC_SMPTE170M mapping
- fix wrong color space selection in `pl_vulkan_create_swapchain`
- work-around low UBO size limits on some platforms
- fix compilation issues on C++ due to the use of reserved identifiers
- fix `pl_get_detected_peak` on platforms without host-visible SSBOs
- fix edge case in vulkan texture handle capabilities check
- fix suboptimal mutex destruction code
- skip peak detection when outputting to HDR displays
- fix edge cases in shader LUT type selection logic
- avoid redundant scaling passes when scaling anamorphic content
- merge similar planes before dispatching heavy shaders (e.g.
  debanding, hooks)
- avoid scaling passes for certain small fractional scaling steps
- entirely avoid processing unneeded components when dispatching scalers
- avoid using more components than necessary for intermediate FBOs
- fix out-of-bounds read for small non-cropped emulated textures
- avoid thrashing the shader cache when reinitializing OpenGL FBOs
- fix incorrect include in <libplacebo/opengl.h>
- fix vk.xml priority issue on windows
- fix undefined behaviour / GPU hangs in HDR peak detection shader
- fix incorrect forwarding of DRM modifiers to the OpenGL backend
- fix crash on AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_BAYER
- fix various compilation issues on certain platforms
- fix obscure edge-case in floating point printing routine
- `pl_render_params.force_icc_lut` now excludes no-op cases
- fix handling of custom shader COMPUTE blocks
- correctly apply hue and saturation controls for non-YCbCr color spaces