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doc: Explicit versioning strategy further

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......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@ LibVLC 4.x is the current nightly engine version. LibVLCSharp 4 support is under
### We will follow its major version (i.e. libvlc 3.x -> LibVLCSharp 3.x and so on)
This makes it easier for people to understand and use the wrapper with libvlc, on all platforms.
So LibVLCSharp 3.x is only guaranteed to work properly with LibVLC 3.x builds, and LibVLCSharp 4.x with LibVLC 4.x. A project where LibVLCSharp and LibVLC have different major versions is not supported.
#### 0.x versions
Initial LibVLCSharp releases were 0.x versions and targetted libvlc 3.
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