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# Building
## Windows
This is an example that shows how to build a Unity native plugin with using a
WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) development environment.
How to build the plugin
- Enable WSL and install a distro (any distro is fine; Ubuntu is recommended).
- Install `make`.
- `sudo apt install make`
- Install `mingw-w64` (development toolchain targeting 64-bit Windows).
- `sudo apt install mingw-w64`
- Execute `make` in the `Plugin` directory.
WSL? MinGW? Isn't it better to use Visual Studio?
I just prefer UNIX-style CLI development environment.
If so, why don't you use Cygwin/MSYS?
I used to do. I switched to use WSL because it's matured enough for practical
- Download and install on latest Debian (WSL or otherwise). Add it to path.
- Download VLC nightly build and adjust if need be `vlc-4.0.0-dev/sdk/lib` path to `LDFLAGS` in ``
- Build with
This will produce a `RenderingPlugin.dll` which you can use with LibVLCSharp in your Unity project
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