Commit d85c9622 authored by Jérémy VIGNELLES's avatar Jérémy VIGNELLES
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make the shared resource writable

parent 2ed7cd07
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ void Update(render_context* ctx, UINT width, UINT height)
// ctx->texture->QueryInterface(&IID_ID3D11Resource1, (LPVOID*) &sharedResource);
hr = sharedResource->CreateSharedHandle(NULL, DXGI_SHARED_RESOURCE_READ, NULL, &ctx->sharedHandled);
hr = sharedResource->CreateSharedHandle(NULL, DXGI_SHARED_RESOURCE_READ | DXGI_SHARED_RESOURCE_WRITE, NULL, &ctx->sharedHandled);
_com_error error(hr);
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