Commit 03eccfa7 authored by Martin Finkel's avatar Martin Finkel
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windows build: add cleanup to libvlc download script

parent ac98e735
......@@ -8,6 +8,12 @@ rm ./build.7z
rm -rf ./build
rm -rf $sourceLocation/include
rm -rf $sourceLocation/sdk
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/libvlc.dll
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/libvlccore.dll
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/hrtfs
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/locale
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/lua
rm -rf Assets/VLC-Unity-Windows/Plugins/x86_64/plugins
curl -Lsfo build.7z $downloadUrl
7z x build.7z -o./build
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