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php sample: review feedback

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use LibVLCSharp\Shared\Core as Core;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\LibVLC as LibVLC;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\MediaPlayer as MediaPlayer;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\Media as Media;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\Core;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\LibVLC;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\MediaPlayer;
use LibVLCSharp\Shared\Media;
# Hack to compute libvlc.dll/libvlccore.dll path for PHP projects
list($scriptPath) = get_included_files();
$p = str_replace("program.php", "", $scriptPath);
$libvlcPath = $p . "bin\\Debug\\netcoreapp2.0";
$libVLC = new LibVLC();
$mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer($libVLC);
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