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# LibVLCSharp.Forms
[![NuGet Stats](](
[![NuGet Stats](](
This package provides Xamarin.Forms for LibVLCSharp by providing custom renderers.
This package also contains the views for the following platforms:
- Android
- iOS
- Mac
[GTK](../LibVLCSharp.Forms.Platforms.GTK/ and [WPF](../LibVLCSharp.Forms.Platforms.WPF/ Forms support are in separate packages due to multi-targetting limitations. You still need to install `LibVLCSharp.Forms` if you target those platforms.
This package has multiple target frameworks, which means it will pick the right features for your project (you will only get the mac view if you are building a mac project).
BE CAREFUL: This project does not include **LibVLC** itself! You will need to install it separately!
See the [Installation](../ documentation for more info.
## Why should I reference this package in my project?
If you are in one of these situation, this package is made for you.
- You want to build a Xamarin.Forms application (no matter on which platform)
For other platforms, see the [main documentation](../
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