Commit b88502a9 authored by Martin Finkel's avatar Martin Finkel

Update NEWS

parent dff76008
LibVLCSharp version 0.5.0
* Docs: Fix comments for LibVLC ctor
* Improve test setup, mostly for CI:
- can be run from `dotnet run`
- targets netcoreapp now and uses NUnitLite
- remove network calls
* Fix libvlc loading from .NET Core on macOS
* [API CHANGE] move Media enums outside the Media class
* [API CHANGE] Media.Parse is now async only.
* [API CHANGE] Refactor MediaList. Libvlc locking is now handled internally for easier use. LINQ ready.
* net40 build of libvlcsharp has a new dependency to enable async/await support: Microsoft.Bcl.Async. This means you need binding redirects in your consuming projects.
example of binding redirect file:
* Fix network browsing.
LibVLCSharp version 0.4.2
* Android: remove unnecessary native call
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