Commit 7f583d7d authored by Martin Finkel's avatar Martin Finkel

Media: Expose ParseWithOptions

parent 895cdee0
......@@ -420,6 +420,19 @@ namespace LibVLCSharp.Shared
/// </summary>
public void Parse() => Native.LibVLCMediaParse(NativeReference);
/// <summary>
/// Parse the media asynchronously with options.
/// To track when this is over you can listen to the ParsedChanged event. However if this functions returns an error, you will not receive any events.
/// It uses a flag to specify parse options (see <see cref="MediaParseOptions"/>). All these flags can be combined. By default, media is parsed if it's a local file.
/// <para/> Note: Parsing can be aborted with ParseStop().
/// </summary>
/// <param name="options">parse options</param>
/// <param name="timeout">maximum time allowed to preparse the media.
/// <para/>If -1, the default "preparse-timeout" option will be used as a timeout.
/// <para/>If 0, it will wait indefinitely. If > 0, the timeout will be used (in milliseconds).
/// </param>
public void Parse(MediaParseOptions options, int timeout = -1) => Native.LibVLCMediaParseWithOptions(NativeReference, options, timeout);
/// <summary>Return true is the media descriptor object is parsed</summary>
/// <returns>true if media object has been parsed otherwise it returns false</returns>
public bool IsParsed => Native.LibVLCMediaIsParsed(NativeReference) != 0;
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