Commit 2e8b978c authored by Martin Finkel's avatar Martin Finkel

Fix wrong EventArgs type

parent d0900339
......@@ -815,13 +815,13 @@ namespace LibVLCSharp.Shared
remove => EventManager.DetachEvent(EventType.MediaFreed, value);
public event EventHandler<MediaFreedEventArgs> StateChanged
public event EventHandler<MediaStateChangedEventArgs> StateChanged
add => EventManager.AttachEvent(EventType.MediaStateChanged, value);
remove => EventManager.DetachEvent(EventType.MediaStateChanged, value);
public event EventHandler<MediaFreedEventArgs> SubItemTreeAdded
public event EventHandler<MediaSubItemAddedEventArgs> SubItemTreeAdded
add => EventManager.AttachEvent(EventType.MediaSubItemTreeAdded, value);
remove => EventManager.DetachEvent(EventType.MediaSubItemTreeAdded, value);
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