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- [Supported platforms](#supported-platforms)
- [Installation](#installation)
- [Getting started](#getting-started)
- [Samples](#samples)
- [Quick API overview](#quick-api-overview)
- [Roadmap](#roadmap)
- [Contribute](#contribute)
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## Getting started
Feel free to check out the native sample projects for [iOS]( and [Android]( to get started.
Feel free to check out the simple sample projects for [iOS]( and [Android]( to get started.
Basically, you need to instantiate a `VideoView` and add it to your View. It handles the required `libvlc` initialization for you on each platform, and offers a `MediaPlayer` .NET object on which you can call `Play`, `Pause`, set a new media or listen for `libvlc` events.
......@@ -98,6 +99,15 @@ For usage of the API, you should check out the `libvlc` [C API documentation](ht
Regarding LibVLCSharp.Forms, check out the sample for [Forms]( to get started.
Notably, make sure to call `LibVLCSharpFormsRenderer.Init()` in your platform specific project [*before*]( `Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init` is called.
## Samples
For more advanced samples, have a look at [libvlcsharp-samples]( It currently includes:
- Chromecast sample: Discover chromecasts on your local network and select one for playback in 100% shared code (Xamarin.Forms, iOS/Android).
- Record HLS sample: Simple .NET Core CLI app which shows how to record an HLS stream to the filesystem.
Feel free to suggest and contribute new samples.
## Quick API overview
- `VideoView.cs`: Custom view which holds a `LibVLC` object and a `MediaPlayer` object.
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