Commit bd577f6e authored by Clement CHAVANCE's avatar Clement CHAVANCE

added folder settings in GUI and moved all revelant files inside

parent 7c50efb8
#include <QLabel>
#include <QPushButton>
#include <QVBoxLayout>
#include "LoadPage.h"
LoadPage::LoadPage( QWidget* parent )
: QWizardPage( parent )
if ( parent != 0 )
QObject::connect( this,
SIGNAL( projectButtonClicked() ),
SLOT( loadProject() ) );
LoadPage::~LoadPage() {}
void LoadPage::build()
QLabel* label = new QLabel( this );
QPushButton* butt = new QPushButton( this );
QVBoxLayout* lay = new QVBoxLayout( this );
QObject::connect( butt,
SIGNAL( clicked() ),
SLOT( loadProjectClicked() ) );
label->setText( tr( "Welcome to the project Wizard.\n"
"This wizard will allow you to create"
"a new project, or to open an existing project.\n"
"To open an existing project, click on the button below,"
"or click next to create a new project" ) );
butt->setText( tr( "Open Existing Project" ) );
lay->addWidget( label );
lay->addWidget( butt );
setLayout( lay );
return ;
void LoadPage::loadProjectClicked()
emit projectButtonClicked();
return ;
#ifndef LOADPAGE_H
#define LOADPAGE_H
#include <QWizardPage>
class QWizard;
class LoadPage : public QWizardPage
LoadPage( QWidget* parent = 0 );
void build();
private slots:
void loadProjectClicked();
void projectButtonClicked();
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