Commit b1242943 authored by Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen

Avoiding wasting time and ressource when initializing a clip.

When loading a clip, media player was launched in play state, then paused, then unpaused.
Not it's just launched in a play state.
Preloading still use this method, as it's not supposed to play before we explicitly ask for it.
parent 91278ff1
......@@ -151,11 +151,8 @@ void TrackWorkflow::renderClip( ClipWorkflow* cw, qint64 currentFrame,
else if ( cw->getState() == ClipWorkflow::Stopped )
// qDebug() << "Unlocking state lock";
// qDebug() << "Initializing";
// qDebug() << "Calling start render";
cw->startRender( m_paused );
if ( start != currentFrame || cw->getClip()->getBegin() != 0 ) //Clip was not started as its real begining
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