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· Add new video player interface
· Add support to browse NFS and SFTP shares
· Replace previous UPnP integration with VLC's native support based on libupnp
  · this improves compatibility with off-standard UPnP servers
· Replace previous FTP integration with VLC's native support
  · this improves compatibility with servers using non-western text encodings
    and allows connections to servers with off-standard port configurations
· Add downloads from SMB servers
· Add support for http(s) downloads from servers requiring authentication
· Add grid layout for Audio library
· Major speed and performance improvements avoiding heating issues
· Fix storing user credentials for network shares
· Retain downloaded subtitles for locally stored media
· Automatic video deinterlacing (by default)
· Retain last opened media category
· Add support for as a source to open media without importing to VLC
  · This allows playback from external devices, too!
· Add a queue view controller to switch between scheduled media items and for TV channel listings
· Add a full black theme for OLED devices
· Add rtsp-tcp option
· Add support for spatial audio with AirPods Pro and Max
· library: allow sorting tracks and albums by insertion date
· playback: allow up to 8x playback speed
· video: modify white point adaptation mode on modern iOS devices
· Add support for SAT>IP including custom channel lists
· Clicking previous during playback now resets the playback position instead of directly going to the previous item in list
· Add Select-All feature to media library screens
· Fix listing large number of media in Google Drive and Dropbox folders