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VLC media player 3.0.17-1 'Vetinari'

This is the eighteenth release of VLC 3.0 branch, named "Vetinari",
in reference to the Lord Patrician from Discworld.

This is a fixup release which bumps libflac to 1.3.4 in order to fix
CVE-2020-0499 and CVE-2021-0561 on platforms for which we provide
binary releases.
It is identical to 3.0.17 otherwise.

This updates contains various fixes and improvements:
- Major adaptive streaming stack overhaul
- Major codec updates
- Many third party libraries update
- Allow brackets in the path section of URLs
- Better notch support for new macbooks
- Add support for DAV video and Webp image formats
- Improve AV1 live streaming support
- Several SRT support improvements
- Numerous crash fixes
- Update youtube script

And many more! Check our news file for more details!