1. 29 Apr, 2021 21 commits
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      config: purge obsolete deprecation comment · 7004b99d
      Lyndon Brown authored
      added against a function in d3fe7f28,
      left for seemingly no reason in e5fdeda4
      when the function it related to was removed
      does not apply to the static array which is very much in use
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      help: revise text of --full-help and swap order with --longhelp · 5353c5e0
      Lyndon Brown authored
      such that they are ordered per increasing amount of info printed:
      help -> longhelp (adds plugins) -> fullhelp (adds longhelptext)
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      core: re-categorise the --demux-filter option · 8583743f
      Lyndon Brown authored
      move it from under the stream filter subcat to the demux subcat, which
      surely makes more sense.
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      core: fix help output option categorization · 711733c6
      Lyndon Brown authored
      When core options are printed in terminal help output, category headings
      are only printed when a 'category hint' entry is encountered in the list.
      As things were, some hints were missing or otherwise misplaced, such that
      some options appeared mis-categorised. The preferences GUI interface is
      unaffected. This commit corrects the problem.
      The problem specifically consists of the following component issues:
       - When we get to INPUT category options, no hint is given. The input cat
         starts with a section called "track settings" and you can see that this
         gets printed immediately after the section "overlays" from the
         subpictures category; Thus it appears as though most input options are
         actually subpicture options.
       - Further down, the input sub-categories "vcodec" and "access" both have
         hints (of "decoders" and "input" respectively), resulting in headings
         being printed. But, for the latter, the title and longtext description
         actually reflects a heading that should apply to the entire input
         category. 'Decoders' as a heading for the VCodec sub-cat is wrong, and
         the longtext (CODEC_CAT_LONGTEXT) is worded to speak of one single
         option only.
       - Further still, you may find a "Performance options" section heading,
         but its location varies. It should appear under "Miscellaneous", but if
         there are no options to display under it (i.e. when not showing advanced
         options, and not on Windows), it thus appears instead under the
         "Playlist" category heading. (Update: this point is somewhat outdated
         now with --advanced having been removed in v4.0 dev subsequent to the
         original creation of this commit).
       - Next, when we get to the interface category, again no hint is given.
         The playlist category above it ends with the "services-discovery"
         option, but no title gets printed for the interface category, so it is
         directly followed by the interface options, starting with "verbose".
         Eventually we get a hint for the hotkeys interface sub-category and get
         a new heading.
       - Finally, we get a '-1' category, hiding some options from the GUI. This
         illogially includes options like --help along with bookmark and
         bookmark-hotkey options. Furthermore there is no hint, thus all of these
         are appearing under the "hotkeys" heading, specifically in fact the
         "Jump sizes" section.
      This commit addresses these issues by:
       - Moving the input category hint up to where that category actually starts.
       - Moving the SUBCAT_INPUT_VCODEC subcat block to a more logical position.
       - Changing the "Decoders" hint that starts the access/codec input options
         to "Input access and codecs" and rewriting the longtext.
       - Removing MISC_CAT_LONGTEXT which didn't make sense in context.
       - Changing the "Miscellaneous" hint for the advanced category to
         "Advanced" matching the category title in the (Qt) GUI.
       - Moving the "--bookmark1", "--bookmark2", etc block of options that
         relate to playlists up to the general playlist category, though retaining
         the -1 subcat to ensure that they are still correctly hidden in the GUI.
         (the individual options need hiding as they are separately found and
         included in the big hotkey table control).
       - Adding a hint for the interface category, so we get a heading now. (This
         re-used the already existing longtext).
       - Clarifying the comment (now duplicated) about hiding options with the -1
         cat/subcat hack, by mentioning this relates to the GUI.
       - Adding a "Bookmarks" section heading for bookmark hotkey options, to
         separate these from the previous "Jump Sizes" section.
       - Adding a "Miscellaneous" hint before the block at the end which includes
         the help output options to create a new heading, separating this stuff
         from the previous hotkeys (interface sub-cat) heading.
       - Moving the -1 cat/subcat that was incorrectly above the bookmark-hotkey
         options down to this misc block.
      Also, I've moved the module name up to the top (clearer IMO).
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      qml: don't reset focus on track model changes in artist view · 56a1cd44
      Prince Gupta authored
      fixes selected index shifting whenever a album is played
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      qml: correctly set currentIndex of MusicArtist · c9b5f8df
      Prince Gupta authored
      fixes #25602
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      qt, qml: provide RoundImage implementation from cpp · dcdaff40
      Prince Gupta authored
      previously RoundImage was implemented in QML using Opacitymask which was
      slow, new implementation done in cpp using QQuickPaintedItem is around ~5x faster
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      qml: move out VideoQualityLabels from MediaCover widget · e62019f2
      Prince Gupta authored
      add them using MediaCover.imageOverlay property whenever required
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      qml: move progressbar from Griditem · fb9db942
      Prince Gupta authored
      to VideoGridItem, they are only used with this widget
      Improves creation time of GridItem
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      qml: move new indicator out of GridItem · 7415b5f3
      Prince Gupta authored
      to VideoGridItem, they are only used with this widget
      Improves creation time of GridItem
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      qml: make GridItem.highlighted property public · 47877a8c
      Prince Gupta authored
      this can be helpfull to move different items out of GridItem
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      qt: add and use TITLE_EXTENSIONS_IMAGE · 9b5ff439
      Lyndon Brown authored
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      qt: fix missing translations · 81663541
      Lyndon Brown authored
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      qt: fix an unnecessary use of N_() · 9c8b450d
      Lyndon Brown authored
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      qt: fix translation marker issues · 6cd08480
      Lyndon Brown authored
      As discussed in MR #11 ([1]), `qtr()` is only meant to be used with static
      strings, not constants or variables. Translation occurs through pointing
      xgettext at the `qtr` keyword to find strings (as an alternative to `_()`,
      taking into account the common need to convert to a Qt `String` type).
      Thus use with anything other than a static string relies upon xgettext
      having to recognise and ignore instances that do not actually wrap static
      strings, which is considered to be wrong, even if it happens to work.
      Accordingly here `qfut()` has been introduced. This is to be used in cases
      where `qtr()` was incorrectly used around constant identifiers and
      variables (i.e. where a combination of `qfu()` plus translation is needed,
      with the string being defined elsewhere (with `N_()`)). The `qtr()` macro
      itself now acts as a wrapper to `qfut()` for cases where the parameter is
      in fact a static string, thus additionally marking it to be picked up by
      xgettext, unlike other use of `qfut()`...
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      d3d9/dxva2: fix memory leak · 6c0337bd
      Lyndon Brown authored
      the memory allocations were released in the error path but not the
      success path.
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