Commit c2340fad authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs Committed by Ano Nymous
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Verify host certificate before using it

parent e6ede207
......@@ -190,6 +190,19 @@ static int _calc_vuk(AACS *aacs, const char *path)
hexstring_to_hex_array(cert, sizeof(cert), hccursor->host_cert);
if (!crypto_aacs_verify_host_cert(cert)) {
char str[2*92+1];
DEBUG(DBG_AACS, "Not using invalid host certificate %s.\n",
print_hex(str, cert, 92));
hccursor = hccursor->next;
char id_str[20];
DEBUG(DBG_AACS, "Trying host certificate (id 0x%s)...\n",
print_hex(id_str, cert + 4, 6));
if ((mmc = mmc_open(path, priv_key, cert))) {
if (mmc_read_vid(mmc, aacs->vid)) {
gcry_cipher_hd_t gcry_h;
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