Commit 8336a098 authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs
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"Fix" warnings with file_read()/file_write() data type

parent 80891ab0
......@@ -41,8 +41,16 @@
#define file_close(X) X->close(X)
#define file_seek(X,Y,Z) X->seek(X,Y,Z)
#define file_tell(X) X->tell(X)
#define file_read(X,Y,Z) X->read(X,Y,Z)
#define file_write(X,Y,Z) X->write(X,Y,Z)
static inline int64_t file_read(AACS_FILE_H *fp, void *buf, int64_t size) {
return fp->read(fp, buf, size);
static inline int64_t file_write(AACS_FILE_H *fp, const void *buf, int64_t size) {
return fp->write ? fp->write(fp, buf, size) : 0;
BD_PRIVATE int64_t file_size(AACS_FILE_H *fp);
BD_PRIVATE extern AACS_FILE_H *(*file_open)(const char* filename, const char *mode);
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