Commit 2a742707 authored by npzacs's avatar npzacs
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Added mkb_type_and_version_record()

parent ddd765f6
......@@ -108,6 +108,14 @@ uint32_t mkb_version(MKB *mkb)
return MKINT_BE32(rec + 8);
const uint8_t *mkb_type_and_version_record(MKB *mkb)
const uint8_t *rec = _record(mkb, 0x10, NULL);
return rec;
const uint8_t *mkb_host_revokation_entries(MKB *mkb, size_t *len)
const uint8_t *rec = _record(mkb, 0x21, len);
......@@ -34,6 +34,8 @@ AACS_PRIVATE void mkb_close(MKB *mkb); // free MKB
AACS_PRIVATE uint8_t mkb_type(MKB *mkb);
// returns version
AACS_PRIVATE uint32_t mkb_version(MKB *mkb);
// returns type and version record (required to verify signatures)
AACS_PRIVATE const uint8_t *mkb_type_and_version_record(MKB *mkb);
// returns list of revoked host entries
AACS_PRIVATE const uint8_t *mkb_host_revokation_entries(MKB *mkb, size_t *len);
// returns list of revoked drive entries
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