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...@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org> ...@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org>
<jb@videolan.org> <jb@sasmira.(none)> <jb@videolan.org> <jb@sasmira.(none)>
Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org> U-AMBRE\Jean-Baptiste <Jean-Baptiste@ambre.(none)> Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org> U-AMBRE\Jean-Baptiste <Jean-Baptiste@ambre.(none)>
Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org> U-SASMIRA\jb <jb@sasmira.(none)> Jean-Baptiste Kempf <jb@videolan.org> U-SASMIRA\jb <jb@sasmira.(none)>
<rem@videolan.org> <remi.denis-courmont@nokia.com> <remi@remlab.net> <remi.denis-courmont@nokia.com>
<rem@videolan.org> <rdenis@simphalempin.com> <remi@remlab.net> <rdenis@simphalempin.com>
<remi@remlab.net> <rem@videolan.org>
<pdherbemont@videolan.org> <steg@nibudy.local> <pdherbemont@videolan.org> <steg@nibudy.local>
<dionoea@videolan.org> <antoine@macbook.(none)> <dionoea@videolan.org> <antoine@macbook.(none)>
Felix Paul Kühne <fkuehne@videolan.org> Felix Paul Kühne <fkuehne@videolan.org>
...@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ SUBDIRS = compat doc po share src modules lib bin test ...@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ SUBDIRS = compat doc po share src modules lib bin test
extras/include/x86/x86inc.asm \
extras/include/x86/x86util.asm \
extras/package/macosx/package.mak \ extras/package/macosx/package.mak \
extras/package/win32/package.mak \ extras/package/win32/package.mak \
extras/package/npapi.am extras/package/npapi.am
...@@ -187,7 +189,7 @@ lcov-raw.out: ...@@ -187,7 +189,7 @@ lcov-raw.out:
lcov.out: lcov-raw.out lcov.out: lcov-raw.out
lcov -r lcov-raw.out -o lcov.out \ lcov -r lcov-raw.out -o lcov.out \
'*test*' 'contrib/*' '/usr/include/*' '*test*' 'contrib/*' '/usr/include/*' '*mock*'
lcov: lcov.out lcov: lcov.out
rm -Rf lcov lcov.tmp rm -Rf lcov lcov.tmp
...@@ -4,33 +4,432 @@ Changes between 3.0.x and 4.0.0-dev: ...@@ -4,33 +4,432 @@ Changes between 3.0.x and 4.0.0-dev:
Platform support changes: Platform support changes:
* 4.0.x requires: * 4.0.x requires:
- Windows 7/2008 R2 or later (with KB2533623 installed) - Windows 7/2008 R2 or later (with KB2533623 installed)
- macOS 10.10 or later - macOS 10.11 or later
- iOS 9 or later - iOS 9 or later
- Android 4.1.x or later (API-16) - Android 4.1.x or later (API-16)
- GCC 5.0 or Clang 3.4 (or equivalent) - GCC 5.0 or Clang 3.4 (or equivalent)
* Windows on ARM is now supported
* new medialibrary
Audio output: Audio output:
* ALSA: HDMI passthrough support. * ALSA: HDMI passthrough support.
Use --alsa-passthrough to configure S/PDIF or HDMI passthrough. Use --alsa-passthrough to configure S/PDIF or HDMI passthrough.
Demuxer: Demuxer:
* Support for HEIF format * Support for HEIF image and grid image formats
* Support for DASH WebM * Support for DASH WebM
* Support for DVBSUB in mkv
* Improved Bluray menus, clips and stream selection
* Support chapters in mp3 files
Codecs: Codecs:
* Support for experimental AV1 video encoding * Support for experimental AV1 video encoding
* WebVTT encoder * WebVTT encoder
* Remove iomx support for Android * Remove iomx support for Android
* WebP image decoding * WebP image decoding
* Support for SMPTE-TT image profile
* Support for 16-bit greyscale
* Support IMM4 decoder
* Improve 708 decoder
* Enable SMB2 / SMB3 support on mobile ports with libsmb2
* Added support for the RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport) Protocol
* Added avaudiocapture module as a replacement for qtsound, which is removed now
Access output:
* Added support for the RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport) Protocol
Video output: Video output:
* Added X11 RENDER video output plugin
* Remove aa plugin * Remove aa plugin
* Remove evas plugin * Remove evas plugin
* Remove omxil_vout plugin * Remove omxil_vout plugin
* Remove RealRTSP plugin
* Remove Real demuxer plugin
Video filter:
* Update yadif
Stream output:
* New SDI output with improved audio and ancillary support.
Candidate for deprecation of decklink vout/aout modules.
* Support for DLNA/UPNP renderers
Service discovery:
* Support Renderer discovery with avahi
macOS: macOS:
* Remove Growl notification support * Remove Growl notification support
* Improved proxy configuration handling
Changes between 3.0.6 and 3.0.7:
* Improve Blu-ray support
Audio output:
* Fix pass-through on Android-23
Video Output:
* Fix 12 bits sources playback with Direct3D11
* Fix crash on iOS
Stream Output:
* Improve Chromecast support with new ChromeCast apps
* Update Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo scripts
Changes between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6:
* Fix potential subtitle picture allocation failures
* Add support for 12 bits decoding of AV1
* Fix HDR support in AV1 when the container provides the metadata
Changes between 3.0.4 and 3.0.5:
* Improve RTSP playback
* BluRay fixes and improvements, notably for menus and seeking
* Improve the UDP/RTP truncated issue
* Add a new AV1 decoder based on dav1d library
* Enable libaom decoder by default
* Fix decoding of some HEVC streams with macOS hardware decoding
* MP4: Fix reading of some HDR metadata
* Miscellaneous AV1 demuxing improvements
* Fix CAF integer-underflow
* Fix an MKV crash on iOS 12.0, on iPhone XS phones
* Add an AV1 packetizer
* Starting with VLC 3.0.5, VLC will be distributed with runtime hardening
enabled on macOS Mojave.
All external VLC plugins need to be signed by a DeveloperID certificate in order
to continue working with the official VLC package.
* Update the VLC dark UI to better match the dark mode of macOS Mojave
* Fix convert & save panel stream option
Audio output:
* Fix corking when the playback state is paused
* Improve corking on Android
Video Output:
* Fix Direct3D11 tone-mapping when HDR is displayed on an SDR screen
* More accurate colors for SD sources in Direct3D11
* Disable hardware decoding on some old Intel GPUs
* Fix zero-copy GPU acceleration on AMD RX Vega
* Misc Direct3D11 fixes
* Improve ChromeCast
* Update numerous 3rd party libraries, including for minor security issues
* Update Youtube support
* Fix subtitles rendering with specific fonts with negative horizontal advance
Changes between 3.0.3 and 3.0.4:
* Blacklist some intel GPU when decoding HEVC
* Decode AV1 streams
* Fix playback of low-fps files
* Fix hardware decoding of low-latency sliced H.264 streams on macOS
* Fix seeking with streams containing WebVTT subtitles
* Fix decoding some CC-608 streams with roll-up
* Fix crashes with LPCM streams
* Fix colorspace of JPEG, PNG and screen inputs
* Fix MediaCodec rotation handling
* Improve FLV fps detection
* Fix some ogg/flac
* Improve support for broken HEVC inside MKV
* Fix some AVI regression for broken files and for DVAudio
* Support files splitted in the .mts%d pattern
* Fixes for MKV seeking
* Fix for MP4 disabled track selection
* Fix playback of incomplete RAR files (downloading)
Audio Output:
* Improve iOS session management and resume-from-pause
* Improve macOS audio performance
* Support 44.1kHz DTS passthrough
* Fix crashes on DirectSound output
Video Output:
* Fix some crash in Direct3D11/Direct3D9 because of sensors
* Fix some broken DVD subtitles rendering (OpenGL, notably)
* Fix crashes on old mac machines, after some time
* Fix memleaks on the EGL output (Android notably)
* Fix misc display in Direct3D11 due to broken drivers
* Fix potential green screen on Windows XP
Text renderer:
* Fix rendering of arabic fonts fallback on macOS
* Fix head buffer overflow on macOS with some fonts
* Fix rendering of fonts with specific fonts
* Fix some RTL rendering
* Fix live555, macOS-UI, screen capture crashes
* Change the extension registration names on Windows
* Fix VLM 'now' date
* Fixes on the HTTPD server
* Fix on the NTservice registration
* Fix --stop-time option
* Fix ChromeCast compatibility with web interface
* Fix subtitles alignment
* Fix infinite recursion on directory playback
* Fix detection SAT>IP servers
* Fix tooltip display when using Wayland
* macOS 10.7.5 is required now, VLC will no longer launch on earlier releases
* Fix delay and fps setting in subtitle dialog
* Modernized and improved support for media keys
* Fix issues with drag and drop of playlist items
* Fix support for audio capturing with qtsound module
* Fix layout issues in the Convert and Save panel
* Update of most translations
Changes between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3:
* Update subtitles display while paused
* Enable srt support on binary builds
* Allow videotoolbox hardware decoding to be disabled
* Disable VideoToolbox for 10bits H.264
* Fix VideoToolbox with some invalid HEVC streams
* Fix subsdec wide character support
* Fix 1st order Ambisonics in AAC
* Miscellaneous ogg improvements & bugfixes, including oggds
* Fix forced tracks selection
* Fix Topfield files
* Probe AAC/ADTS inside TS
* Fix tracks detection issues with DolbyVision and Bluray streams
* Fix "Open Network Stream" URL box focus
* Add option to disable hardware acceleration for video decoding
* Remove option to force dolby mode from simple preferences
Video Output:
* Fix crashes on Direct3D11
* Fix tooltip display on some desktop environments
* Fix spurious movement of the main Window
* Fix playlist being displayed in fullscreen
* Fix amem output
* Fix numerous issues on fonts fallback and font shaping
* Fix subtitles toggle through hotkeys
* Fix audioscrobbling
* Fix buffer over-read in avcodec audio encoding with non-default layouts
* Numerous 3rd party libraries updated, fixing security issues
* Update of most languages
Changes between 3.0.1 and 3.0.2:
* Fix snapshotting with subtitles when using hardware acceleration
* Fix green/missing line/column when the picture dimensions are odd
* Important improvements in hardware decoding for macOS, notably faster,
supporting more samples and removing crashes/deadlocks
* Improve compatibility for DxVA2 and D3D11 decoding, fix crashes when seeking
and fix blacklisting of broken drivers
* Fix SSA subtitles forced alignment
* Fix E-AC-3 stuttering
* Fix MIDI playback on macOS
* Add playback support for ProRes 4444 XQ
* Fix wrong colors in some AVI files
* Fix IFO files playback to start DVDs
* Fix a crash with missing/invalid MPEG SDT
* Update VP8/9/10 ISOBMFF bindings and improve HDR for those cases
* Fix TTML inside MP4
* Improve MP4 read of color information
* Fix flac seeking and improve flac parsing
* Improve mkv opening & seeking speed
* Fix display of chapters with no name defined
* Miscellaneous MKV crash fixes
* Fix crash with multi-region DVDs
* Fix audio being muted on DVD chapter change
* Fix audio being muted when seeking in a BluRay disc
* Avoid a crash/assert in FTP after seeking
Audio output:
* Fix mmdevice default audio device handling
* Fix "reset audio volume" being forcefully deactivated
* Allow a default device to be used by VLC
* Only warn once about misconfiguration for AUhal devices on macOS
* Improve resampling and latency computation for CoreAudio
* Passthrough is now disabled by default
Audio filters:
* Fix audio stutter after unpausing with headphones
* Fix silence when dolby-surround was mis-selected in preferences
Video output:
* Fix OpenGL crashes or bad display with semi-planar chromas
* Fix OpenGL interop (zero-copy) disabled for tvOS
* Major rewrite of the iOS video output to fix numerous crashes
* Important improvements of the D3D11 video output to use less memory
and less GPU for HDR tone-mapping
* Fix crop on vertical videos with Direct3D11
* Fix Direct3D9 filters settings not being applied properly
* Fix transform filters with hardware decoding
* Fix snapshot and filters with HEVC hardware decoding
* Fix a buffer overrun during GPU/CPU image copy
* Fix glitches on DVD menus with Direct3D11
* Fix non-HDR content playback on HDR screens with Direct3D11
* Fix YUV full range displayed incorrectly in Direct3D11
* Fix miscellaneous crashes in Direct3D11
* Fix potential black screen with 10bits videos on Direct3D11
* Fix Growl notifications on recent macOS versions
* Fix conversion output file name encoding
* Fix crash reporting on macOS 10.7 and 10.8
* Fix crash on exit
* Fix remember playback position
* Fix Blu-ray disc Java menu
* Fix swiping on time slider to change position
* Fix problems with restoring user name from keychain
* Fix localization issues
* Fix last folder used in open dialogs
* Allow to customize the seek jump when using the mousewheel
* Fix fullscreen controller positionment on multiscreen setups
* Fix pasted URLs not being trimmed
* Fix jump size not being configurable
* Fix missing time labels updates
* Fix playback speed slider not accepting 1.0x value
* Fix raw input dump
* Fix window size after a fullscreen playback
* Fix lua rc & oldrc interfaces host specification
* Fix crashes when searching for renderers
* Relocate localedir for Linux (improves snap i18n support)
* Fix VDPAU GLX usage on Linux
* Improve support for NetBSD
* Fix MSI script for Windows
* Fix libvlc_media_list not going to next media
* Fix character encoding on win32 consoles
* Miscellaneous chromecast improvements
* Fix missing OSD navigation feedback
* Various VLSub improvements
* lua: Fix scripts not being loaded on some filesystems
* lua: Add vlc.io APIs to handle UTF-8 paths
Changes between 3.0.0 and 3.0.1:
* Fix use-after-free when cleaning playlists
* Fix crash on exit on Windows
Video output:
* Fix HLG tone mapping on some systems like macOS.
* Fix screensaver inhibition on Windows XP
* Fix various Direct3D11 crashes
* Fix HDR tone mapping in Direct3d11
* Fix pink screen on Windows
* Fix potential stack buffer overflow with faad
* Enable Cineform HD in avcodec
Hardware Decoder:
* macOS: Improve HEVC 10bit performance with Videotoolbox
* android: Add MPEG2 support via MediaCodec
* Fix HEVC decoding with some files on Android/macOS/iOS
* Improve Direct3D11 memory usage
* Improve MKV seeking speed
* Fix xspf base URL handling
* Fix reading mp4 trun with moof based offsets
* Fix adaptive http redirections
* Replace old API, fixing adaptive TLS leak
* Use mime type as fallback for HLS segment type
* Fix subtitle (srt,ssa..) seek when having a single entry
* Flag non default HDMV subset video streams
* Increase TS probing amount for 4K streams
* Miscellaneous MKV, MP4 & AVI crash fixes
* Fix out of bounds read in mpeg4video
Stream Output:
* Improve chromecast loading speed
* Improve local/chromecast transition during playback
* Fix chromecast loading with some versions of Windows
* Fix chromecast loading with some chromecast devices (TVs and Android boxes)
* Fix wrong first cover art when casting
* Fix casting to VP9
macOS Interface:
* Re-add option to disable the fullscreen controller panel
* Auto-layout improvements
* Remove misleading playback warning indicator
* Fix crash with the interface for lua extensions (like VLSub)
* Fix show sidebar setting being ignored on restart
* Fix MKV files association
* Fix chromecast audio detection
Qt Interface:
* Improve scaling on HiDPI displays
* Improve interface look and feel.
Changes between 2.2.8 and 3.0.0: Changes between 2.2.8 and 3.0.0:
-------------------------------- --------------------------------
- Remove input/control.c (move remaining implementation to player.c)
- Remove bookmark handling from input
- Remove INPUT_GET_FULL_TITLE_INFO and priv->*title
- http cookies jar
- Seek callback
...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ endif ...@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ endif
# #
# Main VLC executable # Main VLC executable
# #
vlc_LDADD = ../lib/libvlc.la $(LIBPTHREAD) vlc_LDADD = ../lib/libvlc.la
if !HAVE_WIN32 if !HAVE_WIN32
vlc_SOURCES = vlc.c override.c vlc_SOURCES = vlc.c override.c
...@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ vlc_LDADD += $(LIBDL) ...@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ vlc_LDADD += $(LIBDL)
else else
vlc_SOURCES = winvlc.c vlc_SOURCES = winvlc.c
vlc_DEPENDENCIES = vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT) vlc_DEPENDENCIES = vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT)
vlc_LDFLAGS = -mwindows vlc_LDFLAGS = -mwindows -Wc,-static
vlc_LDADD += vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT) vlc_LDADD += vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT)
libbreakpad_wrapper_la_SOURCES = breakpad.cpp libbreakpad_wrapper_la_SOURCES = breakpad.cpp
libbreakpad_wrapper_la_LIBADD = $(BREAKPAD_LIBS) libbreakpad_wrapper_la_LIBADD = $(BREAKPAD_LIBS)
...@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ vlc_cache_gen_LDADD = \ ...@@ -118,6 +118,7 @@ vlc_cache_gen_LDADD = \
../lib/libvlc.la ../lib/libvlc.la
vlc_cache_gen_LDADD += vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT) vlc_cache_gen_LDADD += vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT)
vlc_cache_gen_LDFLAGS = -Wc,-static
vlc_cache_gen_DEPENDENCIES = vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT) vlc_cache_gen_DEPENDENCIES = vlc_win32_rc.$(OBJEXT)
endif endif
...@@ -88,12 +88,9 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[]) ...@@ -88,12 +88,9 @@ int main (int argc, char *argv[])
vlc_argv[vlc_argc] = NULL; vlc_argv[vlc_argc] = NULL;
libvlc_instance_t *vlc = libvlc_new (vlc_argc, vlc_argv); libvlc_instance_t *vlc = libvlc_new (vlc_argc, vlc_argv);
if (vlc != NULL)
libvlc_release (vlc);
if (vlc == NULL)
fprintf (stderr, "No plugins in %s\n", path);
if (vlc == NULL) if (vlc == NULL)
return 1; return 1;
} }
return 0; return 0;
...@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ ...@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
* darwinvlc.m: OS X specific main executable for VLC media player * darwinvlc.m: OS X specific main executable for VLC media player
***************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************
* Copyright (C) 2013-2015 VLC authors and VideoLAN * Copyright (C) 2013-2015 VLC authors and VideoLAN
* $Id$
* *
* Authors: Felix Paul Kühne <fkuehne at videolan dot org>