1. 14 Feb, 2019 3 commits
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      RFC: clock: pause from the main_clock (FIXUP) · 3a690e3a
      Thomas Guillem authored
      This fixes pausing when the clock master is the monotonic clock.
      The only potential change was in the vlc_clock_slave_to_system_locked()
      function when main_clock->pause_date was checked. This commit won't change
      anything since the pause could be triggered before or after the ES slave
      reaches this points since we can't control if the master decoder thread will
      pause before or after the slave decoder thread.
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      RFC: clock: propagate input dejitter/buffering delay to the output clock (FIXUP) · c93a8d13
      Thomas Guillem authored
      This patch invalidate "RFC: output_clock: respect first pts delay (FIXUP)" and
      is applied on top of the
      https://code.videolan.org/jbk/vlc/commits/clock-core/26 branch.
      The dejitter of the vlc_clock is the MAX between the dejitter set by the master
      output (currently: 2 * AOUT_MAX_PTS_ADVANCE = 80ms by default) and the input
      delay. The input delay is now the same than with the input_clock, that is:
      Difference between the first pcr and the first pts, at a given time, taking
      into account the buffer duration and the dejitter value set by the demux. Not
      invented anything here, I just looked at the input_clock.c code.
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      fixup! es_out: use new vlc_clock_t · 45e824ec
      Thomas Guillem authored
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