Commit a1980cfc authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

Revert "packetizer: mpeg4audio: flag discontinuity on timebase change"

This reverts commit ef6dd48f.
parent 215b5ee4
......@@ -1038,11 +1038,7 @@ static block_t *PacketizeStreamBlock(decoder_t *p_dec, block_t **pp_block)
p_sys->i_pts = p_sys->bytestream.p_block->i_pts;
if (p_sys->i_pts > VLC_TS_INVALID &&
p_sys->i_pts != date_Get(&p_sys->end_date))
if(date_Get(&p_sys->end_date) != VLC_TS_INVALID)
p_sys->b_discontuinity = true;
date_Set(&p_sys->end_date, p_sys->i_pts);
p_sys->i_state = STATE_HEADER;
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